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  • Last night, a 20 year quest to see Pearl Jam live ended!! And what a freaking concert:

  • - 37 numbers over 3.5 hours!! I love when a band obviously is having just as much fun as the crowd

  • - Eddie Vedder: you still have the voice and the looks... Puurrrrrrrr

  • - speaking of Eddie - and thats basically all I can talk about today - loved that he was drinking red wine on stage ... When in wine country....

  • - Eddie was hilariously wasted after 3 bottles of aforementioned red wine - could hardly put a sentence together... Yet still managed to sing brilliantly!!

  • - Dinner at Bocanova - great! Had scallops in brazilian green curry sauce - delish! If you are doing anything at the Oracle Arena in Oakland and dont want to eat crap arena food - go there: 12 minutes from the venue and super speedy service.

  • - Had a total age realization: firstly, when it occurred to me I have been Pearl Jam obsessed for 20 years!!!! Secondly when I looked around me an noticed that everybody else also were middle aged... Man! As a 90's teenager I kinda always felt like... a 90's teenager - and not a naughties grown up. Even Eddie commented on the fact that all of us (himself included) were all grown ups and had kids.

  • - Speaking of kids: Who the f*%# brings an 18 month old to a Pearl Jam concert??? Yes, I kid you not - in front of us were a couple with an 18 month old toddler. Ever hear of www.urbansitter.com???? or date night??? Do you think your child will take anything from this experience other than hearing damage (cos apparently the child only needed hearing protection for the harder songs) and sleep deprivation??? I know I know; you are desperate to be the "cool parents" who can tell their kid they went to their first Pearl Jam concert at 18 months but trust me: trying too hard is not cool!!! And neither is tinitus! *sigh*

  • - Although they played so many great songs the concert was not complete until they played Alive...

  • - Eddie talked about the whole Dick Cheney-two-daughters-fighting-over-gay-marriage: you are so cute Eddie - but you are in the bay area hon =preaching to the choir... And we kinda already figured you are a liberal ... But thanks for mentioning it anyways ... We love you.. Xxx Winecountry Dane

  • - How my fashion has changed. 20 years ago I would be wearing Dr Martens Boots, old worn out Levi's and my second-hand army jacket. Last night I was wearing awesome black motorcycle jeans from Saks, killer Charlotte Ronson ankle-booty heels and my old Dior saddle bag....my taste is better now I think.... although flannel shirts are coming back... shit! You are officially a little old when fashion from your teenage years has come full circle and is back!

  • - I got to share this awesome concert with my wonderful gusband .. And he walked away thinking it was the best concert he'd ever been to and with a new appreciation for the total hotness of Eddie - made the night perfect!! <3 <3


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