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So about a month ago when my friend Smári (yes, the yogurt guy) asks if I want to go see a talk with the world famous (and danish) Noma chef, Rene Redzepi at Castro Theater in San Francisco, I could hardly get my arms down.

I had no idea what to expect from this talk but for any self-respecting foodie, meeting Rene Redzepi is pretty much as good as it gets .... Well apart from actually eating at his restaurant ...

I was joined by beforementioned Smàri and my lovely friend Forrest and just to make the evening a little bit more awesome, Lars Ulrich, the danish drummer from Metallica was there to introduce Rene. Lars had written the foreword for Rene's new book Journal - a foreword that was (surprisingly) deep and intelligent - talking about how creativity is being unafraid. For someone who still put her Metallica concert in her top 3 of 100 plus concerts she has been too: pretty exiting (starstruck!)

Anyhew, the talk was awesome! Rene's passion oozed out of him and it was extremely clear that he is first and foremost an artist - food just happens to be his medium. The Journal is basically his Journal from 2010 when Noma won Worlds Best Restaurant for the first time, the identity crisis that followed and his way forward.

We were lucky enough to get our books signed and had a little chat with Rene afterwards - really nice guy!!

The evening ended with late dinner at Starbelly - great cheese, pate, pizza and wine... What more could you want.... Since Noma is so damn far away... :)

I loooove my nights in the City!!!

Lars Ulrich & me - majorly starstruck


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